JimYasu International Trading
JimYasu International Trading is a customer focused import-export business located in Massachusetts, USA. We help small and medium business enterprises worldwide in purchasing Quality products Made in USA and also actively trade in QUALITY goods manufactured from selected suppliers and manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and Sultanate of Oman. 

We believe in straight talk - offering personalized customer service, detail product information, and Quality products at reasonable prices. Strong commitment to higher standard of ethical conduct in business is what sets JimYasu International Trading apart from its competitors. 

JimYasu International Trading employees have over 15 years of experience in international trading, distribution, wholesale & retail markets. Our dedicated officers & employees come from different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life.  

Our executives bring a wealth of knowledge in cross border business dealings & have a robust understanding of different cultures and their respective languages, history, customs & traditions. Senior executives routinely communicate with customers, manufacturers, suppliers & buyers worldwide.

This diversity enriches our business enterprise & offers a comprehensive strategic approach to meet the cultural competency & business goals of JimYasu International Trading. 

We buy over 500,000 Metric Tons of Scrap Metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) annually. If you are in the oil and gasoline, mining, petrochemicals, natural gas, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemical manufacturing, shipping and marine, heavy metals, or industrial machinery manufacturing business we would like to hear from you, please write to us

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